What can Family Robot do ?

Family Robot is the next-generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Family Robot can play with your children, handle your schedule, and keep your home safe. Family Robot will blend right into your family as a friend, teacher, companion, cameraman, homemaker, entertainer and MORE!
With its unique personality and playful nature, Family Robot interacts with its surroundings and is a helpful, fun, unforgettable addition to any household. It can see, hear, teach, speak, and even relate to you, which makes it a perfect personal assistant to make your daily tasks easier.

Personal Assistant

Innovative Edutainer

Health and Safety

People of Determination


Family Robot is built to interact and communicate with the people around it using advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities, along with speech, to forge relationships with its family members.


Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Misa can play with your kids, sense obstacles, and keep your home safe. Fully mobile, Misa’s four wheels and a plethora of sensors enable it to travel, learn, and interact with the world around it. Misa’s wheels are big enough to handle a wide range of flooring.

Drive System

Drop Sensor

Touch Sensor

Obstacle Sensor

Family Robot Connect

With the unique  Connect App, you’re in total control of your Family Robot! You can move Family Robot throughout the house to monitor your loved ones or create a personalized display message to surprise and delight family members and friends. With Family Robot, you can make video calls, set alarms, teach good habits, tell stories, play music, play videos, and so much more!

Device Manager

Family Robot permits users to monitor the content consumed by their loved ones and block any applications they feel are not appropriate.

Video Calling

Are you missing out on important milestones in a loved one’s life? Do you want to track your child’s progress while you are away at work? Now you can video call and connect with your family members and friends with the Family Robot Connect App!


Remote video monitoring allows you to keep tabs on things while you’re away, with event notifications and recordings you can store locally.

Family Robot Control

Remotely move Misa through the Misa Connect App from anywhere in the world. Misa can move forward, backward, left, and right.


Send messages back and forth between your phone and Misa to keep in touch with your loved ones, no matter where you are.

Data Privacy

Family Robot will keep your data completely safe and is protected with end-to-end encryption. The Family Robot Connect dashboard is secured with highly advanced encryption, ensuring that your privacy is safe.


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